Silica Cloth

Temperature: 1000 °C, Density : –  Kg/m3

Size : 46000x920x0.7 mm.


Categories: Brick, Ceramic / Fiber


Silica Cloth

High silica cloth is a high performance textile fabric that has 98% SiO2, with strong organizational structure and high flexibility design:

Can be used in the high temperature of strict conditions, used in high temperature heat insulation, heat protection, not burning , not corruption, and has the resistant to acid. In 1000 degree Celsius temperature conditions can long keep its shape. According to the actual demand can add vermiculite ,silicone coating .


Used for heat preservation and thermal insulation

Welding/cutting, molten metal splash protection

Heat and flame shielding , stress relief

Hose and cable protection and under emergency as fire blankets.