Max service temperature : 1750℃

Packing : 25 Kg/Box.

Typical applications : Heating furnace, Burner tiles.




Categories: Plastics, Refractories



  • Asahi Plast is very convenient material because this material is no need to be mixed and it can be installed easily to construct any shape of structure by an air rammer.
  • Asahi Plast has a superior thermal spalling resistance.
  • Drying and heating-up time can be shorter than castable refractories.

Highly convenient plastic refractories that are useful for structures constructed in all kinds of shapes.

  • Asahi Plast (Plastic refractory) is designed to have good plasticity and pliability by using some plastic clay and by adding a small amount of water to privide the necessary pliable texture and to form a slab shape.
  • An air rammer is used for the installation work.
  • There are two types of product lines, one is “Soft type” , the other is “Hard type”.
  • Soft type series are suitable for repairing work. , Hard type series feature small shrinkage at the high temperature , then show good performance.