It is a special refractory material. Fine texture, used in refractory brickwork It acts as a link between bricks and prevents gas or liquid penetration from the joint between bricks. Only 1-2 mm thick masonry is used.

Packing : 35 Kg/Pail

Categories: Brick, Mortars


Special characteristics

  • Use fire-resistant bricks to adhere well. Strong And low shrinkage rate.
  • Can prevent joints between bricks Each block from slag and flux corrosion as well as prevent air infiltration. And the flow of gas is good.
  • It can be used in acidic conditions and as a refractory mortar for insulation bricks.
  • High heat resistance And has a low shrinkage.

  • There are both types that provide heat to harden (Heat Setting Mortars) and types that provide strength at room temperature (Air Setting Mortars).

  • W (wet) ready to use. D (dry) tank is not ready. Pack in bag. Must mix with water for use.
  • It is used as an intermediate in all types of refractory masonry and is resistant to high heat and chemical reactions.

Working volume – about 6% of the weight of a brick. Wipe off the full surface of the brick to be no more than 2-3 mm thick.