Castable CA-16K

Packing : 25 Kg/Bag

Max service temperature 1600℃

Typical applications : Alminum melting furnace, Incinerator.

Features : High-strength

  • Asahi Caster can be easily installed by casting or troweling simply by adding an appropriate amount of water and mixing with a mixer.
  • The required heat resistance and strength are achieved after 24 hours curing.
  • Complicated cast shapes can be made easily.
  • Asahi Caster has the following advantages in comparison to bonded refractories.


Conventional castable refractory for easy installation and wide range of usage.

  • Asahi Caster is a brand name of our conventional castable refractories consisting of carefully selected refractory aggregates fine powder and a binder normally alumina cement.
  • Asahi Caster is also referred to as refractory concrete. They are mixed with water on site and poured into forms in a similar manner to installation of cement concrete.